Selenium Training

1 day training on the usage of Selenium. Setup the entire testing suite for automated browser testing of your web applications. Create a headless system to run Selenium tests. An overview of the different testing setups which can be integrated within Jenkins using the Selenium WebDriver. After the training you will have the necessary tools to detect and avoid potential regression on your web applications with every release you and your business partners do.

  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Using Selenium, mastering the tips and tricks of this popular testing framework
  • Selenium as a part of Continuous Integration
Duration: 1 full day training
Price: 650 euro + 99 euro/attendee
You get:
  • Professional training on how to use Selenium to monitor your codebase stability
  • Access to a sample project tested with Selenium for later reference
  • Access to slides
  • Access to webcast
  • One week of email support after completion of the training
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